close to an end

senior year is close to the end. just less than 2 weeks, we seniors are going to be crossing stage. everything is going by fast just yesterday we had are panorama picture take. it was funny thought because students were making jokes every time. they made it from boring to fun.  on the 21st of june is wen grades are due and it technically we don’t have to do as much work so I’m guessing most of are time is to have fun we are class mates. 


im going to miss hp

I’m going miss hp. even though i barely go to the events I’ve had a great memorial experience. especially when we seniors went to gradnite. I’ve gone and seen hp football games. I’ve went to the aloha dance which was a good experience as well. the people that are here is what makes hp, hp. i remember like it was yesterday when i first step foot in hp. time has gone by so fast and were adults already to society. its been a great journey so far and we can only continue.

movie project for haymore

Untitled from vicente rolon on Vimeo.


Sportsmanship is some thing that every one has to have when playing in any sport. That mean you have to have the right attitude when you are playing. This also means that you have to work as a team and help each other. Have confidence on your self when you are going to play. This is what sportsmanship means having the right attitude, work as a team, and have confidence in your self.

Being a good sportsmanship is having the right attitude when you are playing. In other word you have to try your best when you are playing. Have fun when you are playing in any sport. And don’t make any unnecessary comments that are not going to benefit you or your team. When you have the right attitude you it is going to benefit you or your team and helps you play better and have more chance of wining. And you and your teammates are going to happy and try there best.

When you work as a team you are being a good sportsmanship. Working as a team is cooperating with all your teammates. You have to encourage your teammates when you are playing that will help them to do better in the game no matter how small of a thing you say but with that little thing you said to that person it could change the way he plays and help you win the game. let every one in your team have a chance to play and take a part in the game. Working in a team help you to do every thing because your not doing it by your self you have other people and two is always going to be better than one.

Have confidence when you are playing that is going benefit you and your team. Don’t give up because you not only letting yourself down but the whole team and that is not having good sportsmanship. Look forward to playing and try your best. Don’t let people bring you down in any way. Be a good sportsmanship and you are going to go far. CHOOSE THE RIGHT!!!!

listen to what vince and tomas have to say about sportsmanship

the overhaul of hp

i think that the rapid change to the school is not the way. i believe that the changes are happing to soon and were not given enough time to adjust to the new idea and that we should at least get more time like other schools have. there should be a change, because the statistics of the school is very poor performing academics. although we are in a very low perform level we are indeed increasing our academic achievement every year. little by little we are getting better and you cant just expect us to achieve a high levels of academic performance in just 4, 5 years. it will take time and we just need to hope for the best and see if this change will be good or not.


During my intercession i was going to my catechism class every week to do my confirmation. Every wednesday I would attend for an hour and  thirty minutes. i learned a lot about god and what the seven sacraments are and new preyers. we even had a specific day where we were all day with our classmates to do activities and got stories told by people that lives were change by believing in god. I’ve met good people and today i will finish my confirmation with a ceremony at 7 p.m. i also went to the park with friends and family and played soccer with them and sometimes find people to play a game with. i would also play basketball in the afternoon with my other friends. we had a great time playing. i was also learning how to drive with my dad and uncle. i would go out with friends to places. i turned 18 on april 11th. through it all i had a pretty good vacations.


My weekend was like a usual weekend. I watched several movies. My cousin came over and spent the night at my house. My dad took me out giving me driving lessons. We had a barbeque. Also my aunt is getting married today. It was a pretty good weekend, I had fun. I got to watch several movies with my friend and my family.I watched the warriors with my friends. It was a pretty interesting movie, it was about gangs that had a reunion kind of thing and the main leader was killed by one of the gang and they had blamed it on another gang called the warriors. Through the movie the warriors try to escape the tension, and local gangs were after them. Eventually they discover who the real murder was and the warriors made it safe back home but a few of their members die when going back home. Then with my family we watched 2012, year one, and bolt. I had a good time watching movies. We ate a lot when watching the movies. We ate McDonalds, popcorn, and then we drank hot chocolate. It was just a good bonding moment.My cousin had come over so we did a few things like play video games and played sports. We didn’t go out to party or anything. We were listening to music most of the time. We went to the park and played soccer a bit and then threw the football back and forth. We also did a few laps just to warm up.It was raining on Friday so I just stood home. It was very cold so I stayed home under my blankets keeping warm most of the time. It was just a weekend to relieve you of all the stress and relax, so that’s what I did.