My weekend was like a usual weekend. I watched several movies. My cousin came over and spent the night at my house. My dad took me out giving me driving lessons. We had a barbeque. Also my aunt is getting married today. It was a pretty good weekend, I had fun. I got to watch several movies with my friend and my family.I watched the warriors with my friends. It was a pretty interesting movie, it was about gangs that had a reunion kind of thing and the main leader was killed by one of the gang and they had blamed it on another gang called the warriors. Through the movie the warriors try to escape the tension, and local gangs were after them. Eventually they discover who the real murder was and the warriors made it safe back home but a few of their members die when going back home. Then with my family we watched 2012, year one, and bolt. I had a good time watching movies. We ate a lot when watching the movies. We ate McDonalds, popcorn, and then we drank hot chocolate. It was just a good bonding moment.My cousin had come over so we did a few things like play video games and played sports. We didn’t go out to party or anything. We were listening to music most of the time. We went to the park and played soccer a bit and then threw the football back and forth. We also did a few laps just to warm up.It was raining on Friday so I just stood home. It was very cold so I stayed home under my blankets keeping warm most of the time. It was just a weekend to relieve you of all the stress and relax, so that’s what I did.



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