Our wellness is important to everyone. Its what we live each day with. Wellness is how we are doing and in what state of mind we are. Wellness is being good with society and yourself. The way you think your health and how everything is working for you. With good mental wellness you can accomplish great things. We must influence others to have a good positive wellness. With our wellness we choose how to react and make decisions. We must be well in many aspects of ourselves such as our mind, health, actions, and who we are.

Another important thing is our health. Our health is vital to us because it’s the physical ability that lets us do activities each day that makes us a better person. With our health we can live better and feel better about ourselves. We need to be healthy so we wont have any problems in the future. Our health is important and we should take care of it. Not many have good health so we must influence them to choose the right and become healthy. Like eat healthier, for example instead of eating chips for a snack eat a fruit. Don’t eat junk food each day maybe once a week and the rest of the week make good chooses and eat health like rice with meat and vegetables and a cup of lemonade.Our fitness is what drives us each day to do the things we love doing. It allows us to make better decisions and not be lazy. If were in great shape it allows us to think better, gives us more energy. Our fitness makes a great impact in our daily life. Fitness can help our attitude and we will be more proud of ourselves because we wont have to worry about us having future diseases and health issues. We must take care of ourselves in our wellness, health, and fitness.


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