interest and hobbies

Your Interests, Your Hobbies

My interests are in school, future, sports, and people. My hobbies are feeding my animals and cleaning. I have interest in school because on how I perform in my studies will decide my future. I will also have fond memories in high school, which I will treasure. I hope to have a bright future I’m think of majoring in college for business administration. My father and I discuss it all the time in what college will I attend and what I hope to achieve from there. I am interested in sports. I like football and soccer and a bit of basketball. I like playing football the best just the thrill of it gets me pumped up to play. I like playing soccer with my cousin because he’s really into it and I learn a few things about soccer from him. Basketball isn’t really my sport but I play once in a while with my friends. I’m interested in meeting people even thought I’m not a people person I like hear what they have to say and what they do. I like meeting people because they can teach me different things like I’ve recently met one of my neighbors named Ush and he’s Pilipino, he’s taught me a great deal of things and he teaches me about his culture. His hobby is racing pigeons. He’s passed it onto me were now I’m breeding my own racing pigeon. One of my hobbies is feeding my animals. I have 3 dogs 2 pigeons, 2 doves, and 2 parakeets. I enjoy spending time just watching them see them interact how they eat when they fly and how they sleep. Another hobby I have is cleaning I like having a clean room and a clean kitchen so nothing is miss placed or out of order. I also wash my brothers truck because he goes and picks me up from places sometimes.


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