Freedom is what lets students be who they want to be. Freedom is a privilege that we have earned in this country to do what we like. Freedom is what we are able to do each day of our lives. With freedom we are able to grow up and have any job we like or go out. With freedom we can go anywhere we like whenever we want. We also could study or go to the library, theater, eat at any restaurants, and even drive. We have the freedom to do so. Freedom can only be used right with CTR. If you Choose the Right you will always be free. You will never be in jail or have issues that hold you back from doing what you want to do. One can only live in freedom if he lives it the right way the right path with no problems, that’s when one can be really free. You can be free anywhere as long as you choose the right for example you could be in a restaurant but as soon as you choose the wrong you will be kicked out the restaurant and that’s not being free. Doing bad chooses will result in loosing your freedom. Freedom is a beautiful thing to have and many people around the world don’t have the same freedom we do so it is best if we choose the right and treasure it because if we don’t than we might be able to loose are perishes freedom. So live life in FREEDOM with CTR.

“We can only be as free as long as we allow ourselves to be”

–Vicente Rolon


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