my plans

Doing all these assignments has me wondering of what my future will lead to. My next move after high school will be attending college. i would like to major in business administration. i will be most likely to attend college with my brother at lattc. my brother shall be graduating soon and recieve his degree. i hope to do the same and start my career as soon as possible i dont want to be taking forever so i will try to pass my classes the first time i take them. but for now i will graduate from high school. i am working currently on obtaining my drivers license, i will be taking the written exam this monday. i also want a job at fresh n easy that they are currently building and will open on february the 17 thats just across the street from were i live. i also want to continue in doing excercises and run to stay healthy. also eat a bit more healthy as well. i would like to create some goals for myself to help me achieve what i want and once i do i will have a bright future and live happily.


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