Learning how to drive is a perivildge by the state. Not just anyone can drive there are certain requirments that follow. Like one is to be the age of 18 to get a license, you must first take the writen exam and then the driving test, and have a good record on the road. There are also rules when on the road that you must follow. You cant be drunk when driving and has to obey the speed limit when driving. There are also signs that you must learn what they mean and what it is telling you what you can and cant do. There are also different types of class which your license can be and depending on the class your are authories to drive certain vehicles. As for me im barly learning how to drive. I want to drive as soon as possible because i will be graduating soon. I want to learn because i want to be dependent and not be asking for rides anymore. I will be going to college and having a job so i will need some type of transportation to get around. As the days go on i learn a bit more from my brother, father, and even my uncle. I will be going to the dmv soon to try to get my permit. My parents have promise me that as soon as I graduate they will buy me a car. I am very enthusiastic about learning to drive and wish for the best.

the car i hope to get


3 responses to “driving

  • mmaaggiiee

    I hope you get your license soon! (:Maybe some day you’ll lend me your car…hahah jkjk. It is sooo true that now a days you need a car to move around. Life on the metro or bus sucks! And well I’m trying to get my license too. So, we need all the luck we can get. Good luck buddy, with what the future awaits you ❤

  • sugoimaria

    Driving is scar..or at least for me it is! 😛 Best of luck, my parents will never get me a car (I scared my dad once while i was on the wheel >.<') Good luck. 🙂

  • titomz007

    driving i the best. you should go get your license.

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